A well done landscape deserves to be seen for more than just the daylight hours.  By lighting up the landscape you can add great curb appeal, direct views, create focal points as well as add safety.  But you have to do it right.  You really do get out of lighting what you put into it.

I have had many clients thatlet me know they want lighting, but don’t put enough value into what they are installing.  I have been told that my lighting costs too much and tell me they will just go buy some at the store.  And I know the professional stuff is not cheap, but you do get more effect.

Lets take a look,  I have added the link for 2 videos on lighting.

  • This is from our local hardware store showing the benefits of the very popular solar lighting.  It is super easy to install, and he will show you step by step instructions on how to.       Store bought solar lights
  • This one is from a professional lighting company showing the benefits of the new popular LED lighting, it is very cost efficient to run, and they show many different applications for this lighting effect       Kichler LED lighting

Now after looking at both videos, can you see how the store bought product is really more of a fixture that emits some light versus having the professional landscape lighting that actually lights up the landscape.  Please do consider what  you would really like to see from your lighting then install accordingly.