As a landscape designer I have always felt that I was very rooted here in MN. Not just because of my family here, but because this is where the plants that I know so well are. My husband love to find new places for our family to explore, and with him I have seen so much more of this country than I had ever thought I might as a a kid. Since meeting my dear man we have been to Florida, Hawaii, Bahamas, Maine, Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee, lots of Wisconsin, and most recently out to Montana. And in all those trips my enjoyment of the landscape always includes a twinge of “I wish we could grow this back home”. Minnesota has a great diversity in the plant material, but there is always something that another area has that makes me wanting more. Last year it was the Crepe Myrtle of Tennessee ( which there is said to be a new variety for zone 4 available this year- yippee) and now after going out to Montana it wasn’t so much the plant material I was wishing to bring back, it was more of me I was wishing to bring home.

On the landscape side I found that they have the similar plant selection used in the landscapes out there as I use here at home, which is great if I ever start up a Montana division of Trio. I also did find some Russian Olive that is no longer available here, and would love to use again…. But what I found is that I really enjoyed the big sky and pleasant valley that we were at. You just can’t bring back the mountains to MN to get that experience.
Now maybe it was that this has been a very busy summer and being in the city I needed some measure of calm and relaxation, I can’t deny that. And maybe I just needed some time to explore what Mother Nature has given us for inspiration, as I did truly enjoy heading down to Yellowstone and exploring so many of the plants, rocks, hills, valleys and waterfalls there.

With all of that I come back to what we have here and I see it with so much more inspiration in the design choices I make. Mother Nature is not someone who can’t be argued with when it comes to a great layout and mixing of materials, she just does a great job. I came to realize that so much more of what I have done and continue to do are really just details I have picked up on from her (Mother Nature). Things like the way water moves, or how rocks are grouped and placed, to even how trees are laid out in the yard. All of it comes down to finding her balance and trying to mimic it.
So I thank Anders and Kerri for having a wedding in August In Montana so that I had the reason to go then and have the great experience that I did! I am all the more everything for it!
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