As the spring weather continues to be May like many of us are anxious to get into the garden…well now is a great time to plan for that!

My favorite method of gardening is Mel Bartholomew’s Square foot Garden.  I find that this simple small space is super easy to keep up with and works in almost any landscape.  Combine that with not needing to till the existing soil and it is really a winner for all!

I love the simple recipe for the planting medium- there is no soil added (and especially no dirt!), just great compost, peat and drainage medium.

I already have my box set up and think I will temp fate by adding some seeds this week- what’s the worst that could happen- I need to re-seed?

To find out more on how to build and work your own SFG you can visit Mel’s website, or pick up his book at your local bookstore or library!

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