Trio’s yard…

With the warm weather this week you should see the grass really starting to grow, this is a little early for a typical MN spring, but I will certainly enjoy it. I know the crowns ( base of the grass plant- tuft like appearance) in my yard are greening up!

Here are a few tips to keeping your lawn safe and growing:

  • Minimize traffic across new tender grass crowns- stay on the sidewalk or re direct traffic patterns often
  • Take this opportunity to top seed (aka over seed) the warm days and cool nights are great for germination.  A cold snap may kill it off, but why not try? Top seeding is great for thin but healthy grass
  • DO NOT RAKE! Rakes dragging across the grass can damage the crowns by shredding and ripping them apart, or even just bruise them
  • Remove stored items from the lawn to let all the grass get air and sunlight