There’s a faint flash of light. Thunder rumbles in the sky. Its a mid April day….and it’s snowing.  While this is Minnesota and I am quite accustomed to the ups and downs of the weather here, this is getting ridicules.   Compound that with the fact we had 70’s and green grass this time last year just makes it all the harder to take as an average person.  Now add that I am landscape designer and twitching to get projects going for my clients, no really I do twitch…I just want spring so we can follow through on all the beautiful plans we are making for our clients.

So here are a few realities clients and others looking for landscape should be aware of this spring:

  • well planned drainage with drain-tile may still be frozen and not functional- yet
  • Landscape plant materials will be ready later than “normal”
  • The frost in the ground, while moving out, could still be a factor preventing the start of some projects
  • expect a delay in the start dates and plan accordingly for any “last minute” projects like graduations and parties
  • lawn care practices could have a different timetable
  • you still have time to do winter pruning now on your summer blooming trees and shrubs

Here’s to a warm sunny day, coming to a yard near you soon!

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