Here we are- another day of rain. What is going on this spring? Sure the morning was decent enough for us to get some things done ( see us at the nursery pulling plants for an upcoming project) but this rain is seriously hampering our progress. But you knew that already didnt you? You have already figured that the amount of rain received vs the nice days to allow the yards dry out have been very disproportionate.  And with the rain happening many days during the work day you have figured that at some point we just have to stop what were are doing and wait for the weather to get better- for the sake of the project.

Now I have to say that the rain is not bad. The slow and steady rain have been great for the lakes and streams to recover from a lot of drought the past few seasons. Even the over all drought forecast have brought us from severe drought earlier this spring now to none…that is a very good thing.  And the plentiful small rains have not created a problem for as many homeowners with water intrusion- compared to the heavy rains of the past 2 springs. But even though I admit all the good it is doing I admit I am done with it. My perfect weather would be it raining 2x a week , overnight preferably. Then the plants would be cared for and we can can get stuff done ( at work, and at play)

So this rain is good, really I do believe it. But as I have crews that are slopping around in the mud or not able to continue because it’s too muddy I have to say “ENOUGH ALREADY!” Lets move on. We’re still meeting with clients, were are still planning for projects and the summer will move on- just at a more uncertain pace as we work with Mother Nature. And most likely you’ll see a post later showing us working in the rain- again.

Anyone wanting to plan a raingarden?

trying to get work done despite the weather
Earth day everyday
hot and sticky- time for the state fair and grass seed.


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