Being green in the landscape should be easy, so much of the plants are green right? However when it comes to making the right choices for a healthy landscape, one that fits the new definition of earth friendly and sustainable it can harder than you think as it is not just one choice that makes it happen, but rather a combination of choices.

  • The right plants. Picking non invasive plants to not only help your landscape but those spaces in your community is huge. Newly added to the invasive list has been Barberry, an introduction from Japan in the late 1800’s is now a problem and affecting natural wooded area much like Buckthorn and has been used as a landscape plants for decades.  Plants choices still have many options for color and texture to bring interest. Careful of natives though too, they aren’t always the right choice for every landscape as meeting your expectations for style and maintenance is important too.  Barberry link
  • The right lawn. Having a lawn that has good soil and the right amount of water is a good start, but also one that is just the size you need- turf lawn is not native and requires much more water and care than other landscape options.  Many still treat with chemicals to preserve its uniform look, which is not the kind of green we are going for here. Consider less lawn area and include other turf options for a less monoculture of grass.  Turf alternatives link
  • The right mulch. Choices for mulch are rock vs wood, but that choice isn’t always easy as you should consider not only the plants you have in the landscape but the exposure or use as well. May times a rock bed can be very helpful in assisting with erosion and water control.
  • The right space. Knowing what the space is for and how you use it can help you make good choices on size and materials to apply to the landscape to help with water and maintenance. This applies to the hardscape, the planting areas, the over all… design for the intended use and the result can be much more interesting!
  • The right maintenance. Trimming and weeding are important parts of the up keep of your landscape, even a low maintenance landscape will need some care to stay looking it best.  Trimming at the right time of year for the plant helps, and knowing that mulched areas don’t need to be stripped of the leaves and clippings can make for a healthier soil. Weeding is important too, pulling by hand surly the least invasive, but using things like home made vinegar solutions can be a great addition to care.

These 5 considerations are the basis for any landscape to be a “greener” place when used and applied in the right way. If you are not sure how this applies to your landscape talk with our professionals to help you understand more as it applies to your yard and needs.

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