Over the past years January in the office has been evolving, as in becoming busier as our company keeps growing. In Minnesota, we usually have snow and lots of cold making it a great time to reflect and catch up on all the things that it takes to run a business. This year is different as we have no snow and little cold, but there are still things to work on to grow the business and make it better. To work toward making things better we tried a new software last year, and it has some benefits, but also some challenges for our team and mostly our clients. But because we saw so many of the positives that a program like this could be I dug in deeper to find something that could check more of the boxes to make it the right fit for us here at Trio Landscaping. As you have already figured out I see how we work as a bit of a different landscape design firm here. Because of that, we had filtered through many programs that were not built for our type of landscape process. Yes, there are lots of programs for lawn care companies, for garden centers, and even landscape contractors. However being the design-focused, client-driven firm we are we need one that works for that type of business. Our layers of consultation, design, and project mangment really let you the client  A program that helps us more effectively communicate with our clients for the schedules and costs as well as any changes that are happening, allowing our clients to stay informed more readily on their own time.  I am excited to have found a different program that i hope will do just that. i am taking more time this January to get this program set up and ready to to be efficient for all our team and clients as the season gets going. To do that I might need more time to work on it, and will be looking for more feedback from you our clients so that we can catch things early on.

As I return to the office after time with friends and family, and even a small getaway out of town with the kids, it can be comforting to come back to the office and the routine that it has. But mostly I am looking forward to the changes that we can accomplish with doing things in a new, but more effective and efficient way. Thanks for being a part of this journey!

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