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Appreciating the unseasonable warmth!

Appreciating the unseasonable warmth!

“Discover the joy of embracing unseasonable warmth in February and transforming your outdoor spaces into personal sanctuaries. Join us in appreciating the simple pleasures of nature, from the soothing sounds of birds to the gentle rustle of leaves. Explore the idea of creating your own backyard haven and why you shouldn’t wait for vacations to enjoy peaceful moments. Let’s chat about landscaping solutions to ensure everyone has a tranquil space right at home. Seize the warmth, breathe in the tranquility, and make every day feel like a vacation in your own backyard paradise.”

New year ready to try new things

Over the past years January in the office has been evolving, as in becoming busier as our company keeps growing. In Minnesota, we usually have snow and lots of cold making it a great time to reflect and catch up on all the things that it takes to run a business. This...

Creating Outdoor Living Dreams: An Interview with Diana Grundeen, Founder of TRIO Landscaping

Diana Grundeen, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry, is the creative force behind TRIO Landscaping. Diana places a strong emphasis on the consultation phase, where she and her team work closely with clients to understand their goals and aspirations. Instead of asking clients what specific features they desire, Diana dives deeper, exploring how they envision living in their outdoor spaces.

Those Darn Rabbits! 

I'm sure you are seeing signs of those darn rabbits gnawing on trees and shrubs. Well, rabbit damage is happening all over the place these days. Rabbits and other foraging creatures are hungry because the deep snow is making it difficult to find their normal winter...



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