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What is a Landscape Consultation

A cosultation is the what you have, what you want it to become, and how we are going to get there is our process of how we help you create your landscape.  A professional designer is not there to just tell you what the yard has to be, or wait for you to have provide your specifications. A good desinger is there to listen to how you want and need the space to function, and help you realize those thru plans to accomplish your landscape goals.  A great designer will help you with insight on how to make the spaces even better in helping you with ideas you havn’t thought of or imagined.

Are we a good fit?

We start with our intake call,  a 10-15 minute phone conversation is to see if we are a good fit for each other. What are you looking for or to change in your landscape’s big picture:  plantings, patios, landscape renovations, outdoor living, landscape upgrades, curb appeal and so on.  After chatting about what you are looking for we can let you know how it matches up with our services and if we are a good fit for eachother. We understand that there are many different types of landscape services, and want to make sure that we are the best fit before you start investing time meeting with us. This is the fisrt conversation we have with everyone that calls in or emails us, so call now to chat with us at 612-562-8746. 


Comprehensive Virtual Consultation

All of our initial meeting are done as a virtual landscape consultation for your property, we have been doing this now for 3 years and really feel this is the way to go for our intial oppertunity. and we find our clients get much more information and inste about thier project becasue of the resources we can share during this type of meeting; read on more about our procees:

Prioir to meeting with you we  have you share information for us to get to know more details about your needs and family life, along with some photos to get a preview of the site.  We do this by sending you out a worksheet so we can help guide you through what your project might need to consider.

Next we consider what you have: the current landscape, the house and how it sits on the property and your neighborhood so we know how things can best fit.  This is seen both in the initial phots you send , but also the live virtual walk thru as we get you to share your space with us. As we meet we will discuss what you want it to become: your needs, wants and the availability of the space for accomplishing them.  Some of this may be touched on as we are walkting thu your property, and more detail is dicussed as we invite you to sit and recieve more detailed ideas.  Our consultation should touch on all aspects of your outdoor spaces, even if some are just to confirm areas that are already done.  After we have the “big picture” of what you want your landscape to be we can then break it down into where it all should begin so you know how you can get there.


What do I get?

How much detail discussed during the consultation depends on each client and the landscaping needs, some could be general concepts, others could be plant or product specific. Your budget is also an important factor to consider for aspects of what you want to accomplish, and how feasible they are to meet, so we touch on how that can impact your options and direction.

By the end of the consultation you will have an idea of where your landscape design is headed and what to expect if you choose to take the next step and have a professional design created as well as general budget for the phase you would like to move forward with. 

This in-depth consultation is part of our plan creation process for all of our design and installation work or can be purchased on its own for a small fee if you are looking to DIY the project or are just starting to get an idea of what your project might be.  Our virtual consltation typically takes about an hour and is done via Zoom calls with all decision makers present.  Having everyone present makes it easier to move forward with ideas.  Our consults are structured to give you time to walk us through the space and then can sit down to  hear and see suggestions and ideas for your space. All sketches and notes are property of Trio Landscaping; we encourage you to take notes of your own during the consultation.

Contact us today and verify this is the level of service you are looking for to create your new or updated landscape and we can share more information on how we get you prepared for this consultation. 




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