Landscape Design

We begin your design with the priority phase so that you can grow into your entire landscape as the budget allows.

After our Consultation we begin the design process.

When you agree to have plans created for your landscape we take careful measurements and pictures to note your property’s unique features.

Your landscape plans are based on the comprehensive site consultation. The phases or elements to be included are discussed and your designer can then continue to form those ideas into a fantastic opportunity for your landscape.  In addition to site measurements and photos we use exsisting property surveys whenever possible for accuracy about your site. Your design begins with the initial or priority phase so that you can grow into your entire landscape as the budget allows.  We can also create what many call master plans meaning we draft everything at once, but found most our clients prefer to work in phases so showing the work in phases allows you to see just what can be expected.

Plans are presented as a CAD PDF to you after their completion over a zoom meeting.  Plant and product information and estimates/proposals are also shared as needed.  Plan prints are available upon request.  Follow up design meetings can be scheduled as necessary if revisions were requested.

Our design contract will list your projects plan fees and options, a deposit of 50% of the plan fee is due before plans are started with the balance due at presentation. As an added benefit for our clients seeking installation we credit a portion of the plan fee back to the project when you choose to have Trio Landscaping do the installation of the project for you in the same year.

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