-Here is a collection of information we have created for our clients or come across and found to be beneficial.

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RCP Pavers and Wall block


Patio Gardens– inside or out- great options to growing edibles in an aeroponic system that can be moved as you desire!

Trio’s Watering Guide for your Newly Planted Landscape -for watering tips

Trio’s Caring  for Your New Landscape –for care tips

Trio’s updated watering guide

Trio’s updated care guide for new landscapes

Pollinator and rain Garden Maintenance– seasonal care sheet

University of Minnesota Extension Service -for yard and garden questions and soil testing needs

Plant information – a variety of possible plant materials

Square foot gardens– updated traditional growing methods for raised bed veggie gardens

Organic weed PREVENTION info and instructions

Herbicide Alternatives

Please let us know if there is something you would like us to add!

Water Feature Landscaping Projects

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Diana Grundeen’s cleints had a problem. Several, actually. Their front yard was overgrown, their back yard was too shady for much of a garden, their Minneapolis street was noisy, the driveway jutted into the yard, and the husband suffered from…

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