Sitting Boulders cut into a paver patio

Patios are a great way to spend time out doors. You can so much on a patio, and not feel boxed in like on a deck. One of the more popular events to happen on patios in the Minneapolis metro area are fire pits. Your fire pit may be the permanent built in kind, if you have the space to dedicate to it, or a fancy fireplace that really sets the stage for outdoor living. But lets focus on the smaller more urban version- the portable fire pit. These little guys can really be flexible with the crowd you have gathered and the wind conditions- just move it around until it works! Next lets think about the seating, do you really want to line up a bunch of chairs? Sure a few are fine but it can make you feel like a conference is setting up out there when you look out over the patio before the event, and where do you keep them all time? How about something more natural, that can work with the landscape and blend in the “off use” time- a rock! Okay so I really am eluding to a boulder, something substantial! Boulders that can provide a seat for sometimes more than one person can really be a visual pleasure when looking over the landscape, breaking up the visual lines and creating some topography. Adding the boulders cut right into the patio add a great tie between the patio and surronding landscape as well as interest into the patio’s edge. And even better yet you don’t have to put them away!