Now I’m not saying that this is the first time landscaping is coming up in the real estate, as curb appeal has been a thing for a while, but that was the narrow focus, to just what the public sees or front yard of the house. Curb appeal is still important, but now the value has found its way into the backyard. So much so there is now a term of “backyarding” for those that are enjoying outdoor living spaces like patios, gardens, and spaces to just relax in their own personal nature. I consider this outdoor living, as I don’t see it as limited to the backyard, but can happen anywhere in the yard. But hey if America is finally catching on, I am here to support them.

I have been ahead of trends for a while it seems. For some of my clients, this is no surprise as I have created really fantastic outdoor living spaces for them. I have really looked to find how people want to be/live/do in the outdoor spaces and what can make it best for them, and now we are seeing outdoor living getting the credit it deserves. Your home should be a place that you can enjoy inside and out! While this became very apparent in recent years, as many were home much more than they ever had been, enjoying the outdoors on your own property isn’t new, just we are more aware how great it feels.

Yes, outdoor living and landscaping for outdoor rooms is actually trendy and has resale value! Some people have been caught up in the resale value of their landscape projects and actually limited what they were doing for themselves to enjoy their home because it was less recognized in resale values. Or they felt that creating a space where they could be and enjoy in the yard would be seen as “too much work” by a future buyer, and totally lost out on enjoying the space themselves. We are now seeing that change!!!  I do believe that you should create a space for yourself and your family, as you will be the one using it now. Much of the custom work we do is actually pretty universal in the needs of the type of family that would live in the style of house we are designing to. If the space is something that you enjoy, then there are probably others that will too.

Here are just 2 of the articles we have come across this spring that support the creation, investment and use of backyards and outdoor living spaces.

Realtor Magazine: homeowners value their yard more

Better Home and Gardens: backyards are must have spaces

a backyard space with patio, outdoor grill and counter, a deck with tables and chairs just steps away from the grill with warm lighting and plants surriounding the space.

Outdoor living can include relaxation, dining, cooking and more

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