Landscape design is the blend of great artistry and science of how out door spaces come together.  As with any great art there are different perspectives to view what is good and bad, but how do you know what to ask for? The labels that anyone can place on any style are also open to interpretation as well.  So how do you really know.  You don’t have to put a label on what style you want up front, but can name it after and know that it fits you and your yard.

First knowing what you have in the landscape is very important: is it something you like or not?  This can greatly affect the decisions about the spaces that are being designed.  How many times have you found that you really like a small piece of what there is already happening, but didn’t like the whole.  Just because you are re-designing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you enjoy.  It also doesn’t mean you have to continue to out up with everything that you don’t like either.  If those Barberry’s are really something that makes you wish that everything was gone, then certainly don’t keep them or let them re-appear in the new design!  Are there concepts, like bed curves,  that you like but would love to see improved or even kept as is?  all of these things need to be mentioned so that everyone knows what is good and bad in your eyes!

But how do you ask for what you really want if you don’t know what it is?  Well, do you know what you want the landscape to accomplish? Do you want more privacy from a neighbor? Do you want to have a patio that fits the furnishings you would like to own? Do you want more space for the kids to play?  After you can answer some of these general questions you can get into the more detailed questions of plant colors and patio styles…but if you start with the details some of the better use can get side stepped.

So now you have and idea of what will happen with the landscape, but how can you get it all done.  Sure to do it all at once sounds great, but most of us doesn’t have a endless budget to work with.  So now we prioritize by need, accessibility and progress.   With in that we can also prioritize by budget as well.  It is at this point that you know you have a plan, not only for the outcome of your beautiful oasis of landscaping, but how it will be accomplished.  Let the drafting begin! Start at phase one and keep working until you have accomplished all you hopes and desires for your yard!

We start with discussing what you have, then what you would like, and finally how we will get there.  These 3 steps are how we create the right landscape that fits you, your yard and your family.