Our Landscapes are something we are proud of, we want to have the neighbors admire them and tell us how great our homes look.  But we don’t want every angle to be so public or every view to be so seen.  Privacy is something that most people put up a fence for and hope that it keeps out the prying eyes on what we have or are doing in our yards.  There is only so much fence that you can erect.  You have to be much more creative in how you use your space to really maximize your privacy.

By finding out what you want to do ( grill, eat, entertain, and so on) and combine that with the layout of not only your yard but those around you as well you can find there are spaces that are more private.  Is there a space with less windows looking down onto it that others, is there an area with more views of the neighbors decks?  Look carefully and find the space that will work best for what you want to do.

Look at how you function in that space and arrange it to maximize what both you and everyone else can see,  this can mean how the grill is facing or where the chairs are around the fire pit.  By putting your back to others it can elude to a sense of privacy.  Consider how your guest want to interact with you while you are grilling if this is a big part of how you entertain.  Then think why we grill without backs to the our guests, try moving the so you see your guests from the side and everyone is looking out into a great landscape.  Most of us agree that we don’t want to look directly at a grill itself and would rather see the cook, but then it all depends how awesome your outdoor kitchen really is!

After the spaces are defined you combine them with the strategic placement of plants, or fencing, either near or far from your space.  Placement and quantity of plants all depend on what you are screening, so be sure to consider all different angles.  Things that need the maximum angles covered are best done closer to the space itself. For specific screening, i.e. a neighbors window, could be done farther from the space and closer to the obtrusion.  Consider the size of what is needing to be screened when choosing the plants as well.  Trees are great screening for things over 8-10′ and shrubs can be awesome for the shorter angles of view.

There will be times that a fence will provide you with just what you need, however there are so many more occasions that a fence is just not enough.  There are also times that a fence is not needed at all, just better landscaping!