The snow is piled high and the cold winds blow today, but I am already thinking of spring!  Sure part of it could be the optimist in me really wanting warm weather, or part the business owner wanting to get to work- but you want to know what it really is?  It is the excited kid in me wanting to go out an play in the yard!  Yes that is really how I see my job some days, just a girl having fun and playing in the dirt!  Not bad if you think about it.

There all different parts to that fun :

  • getting to help people transform their areas into something more- more exciting, more interesting and definitely more usable.
  •  trying something different
  •  using new products
  • building better neighborhoods through landscaping

There are so many new and different things that are out there, and there are so many different old things that have yet to be utilized to their potential therefore leaving a infinite number of possibilities for the new year and projects that lie ahead.  It varies from all the hardscaping and plantscaping and how it all ties together- so there are many things to wonder about.  But don’t read into this and say- hey she only likes to do new things…because  every idea can be new depending on who you are talking to and how it’s applied.

And it is that part of the fun I enjoy the most- helping people see landscaping in a way they have not seen it before!

So this winter I sit back and wonder about all the new things that 2011 will bring to the landscape, and how many people will be excited because of my excitement as well.