It strikes me funny when people ask ” what do you do over the winter?”  And when my reply to if I plow is “no”  they get this look, as if I sit around and wait for spring to arrive to get things started.  That is so not true.

He didn’t see his shadow, but I did!

Sure there are a lot of Landscape companies, my contractors included, that plow.  It makes sense really, they have big trucks and if there is snow there is not going to be a lot of landscape installs happening.  It can give you the opportunity to work year round.  So where does that leave me- as I don’t drive a big plow, surely it’s not sitting around waiting for it to melt.

“So you must run south to somewhere warm?”  No sadly that is not the case either, I don’t run to zone 9 just becasue our zone 3 is a frozen, snowy mess.  Nice thought though! While a vacation has been part of the winter plans some years, it was a regular American vacation of a week of being a tourist, which usually includes me comparing our landscapes in a number of ways.  I am always on the hunt for inspiration after all!

“So what do you do? Surely there aren’t people looking for landscaping now!”   Well there I have to say you’re wrong again.  This time of year I am working on a number of plans for people that have some great ideas that they want ready for spring when the green carpet begins to grow…  but that isn’t every one.   It has to be the right client/project as well.  It is very hard to understand the existing landscape if you haven’t met it before the 3 feet of snowy waves of white stuff that we have now.

“So you have a few clients that you work on- is that it?”  No there is so much more- the winter is the time to really focus on where I want the next year to go and how I want us to grow.  So here we are finding ways to improve and better your experience with Trio and Landscaping.  And I welcome input to make it better.  Keep checking in with us to see what else we will have in store for you!

But now winter is coming to an end  and this year it will be soon- how do I know?  Was it Punxsutawney Phil version of predicting spring:  “He surveyed his surroundings carefully and found that there was no shadow around so an early spring it will be,” said Phil’s handlers.  No, it is my own Feb 2 prediction ” The landscape designer did see her shadow, and therefore spring will be fast approaching.  Why? Because she was not hiding and hibernating, but up and all ready busy at work!”

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