It’s the last day of February, a thankfully short month, especially in Minnesota.  For some of you you are looking ahead to the first day of Spring (March 20) and maybe more so Spring break.  Spring break, when we hope there isn’t snow and the days are warm enough to go out and enjoy rays of sunshine.   Ahh, but this is  not what the landscape designer is thinking of- no we are steps ahead of you!  Spring fever gets us thinking of summer!

Hyacinth in bloom…can you smell it?

You may think its strange to see landscape companies at home shows asking about your landscape plans as its snowing yet another few inches to blanket the already deep pile of white stuff we have accumulated over the winter, but really we are asking for your your own benefit.  By thinking ahead now, while the snow is still prevalent, we get to begin the conversation that great landscapes are constructed from in the early days of the install season.  And that install start date is so unpredictable, it could late March for some projects or mid-May for others.

So put your shorts on and bask in the sun, we know its only in your living room right now, and then dream of summer as you call your favorite landscape designer and make plans to enjoy your yard ASAP this year!  If you call when the snow is melting, like your neighbors, it could take a while longer to get things in motion!  Now I am not promising you we will be able to get out there and walk through things today, but by getting on the list you know you will be one step ahead! ( we do still need to see whats under all that snow!)

Ps sorry the pic isnt’ scratch and sniff- I tried!