Spring has officially arrived, by many different standards: It’s March, spring equinox, the weather had been warm, the snow is disappearing…and there are puddles. And if you have been driving some of those puddles concealed large potholes- ouch!

Puddles are fun for splashin, but not fun in the landscape

That’s really not the puddles I am focusing on, but more the puddles in your own yard, however, the puddles in your drive-way could count for both.  When I am talking about the puddles in your yard I hope that they are far away from your home,  10-15 feet or more, and that they will drain away or are in a rain-garden or other designated water collection area.  Anything closer or not something that can easily drain away is trouble waiting to happen.

Your landscape is the first line of defense when it comes to how these puddles can affect you:

  • puddles collecting too close to your house they could seep into your basement and cause damage and mold (less than 10′ away)
  • puddles in the yard that remain for more than 48 hours causing mowing and lawn issues
  • puddles on your walks, drive, or patios are dangerous in the cold season for icy slip hazards
  • puddles in the summer can breed mosquitoes

and its not only the puddles that you see, but the water that may or may not stay to make a puddle that can slo be a concern:

  • downspouts that do not have extensions
  • clogged gutters
  • leaky faucets
  • negative grading (slope toward home)
  • sinking along foundation and other areas

If you have any of these concerns please do make plans to have them fixed before your puddles cause other troubles.  Consult with a landscape professional for solutions that will fit your concerns and soil type.

Puddles should be something fun to splash around in-   not a problem!