It’s spring and everyone is busy with so much to do, and landscaping is on the list. But many debate if it is worth it their time to meet with a Professional Landscape Designer, “I mean after all they are a professional why do I need to be there?” is what many might say.
Well if it were me I would want to take the time to meet the person that will be directing all the change in my yard. The existing landscape only tells some of the story, and it is history at that. Only you, the homeowner, can share what you want the future of your landscape to be and the consultation is the time to do it, and when you have a converation about it in comparison to a to do list you can explore what those options are and what they can mean to the landscape.
Every yard has it’s certain challenges that need to be met, but it is the landscape designers that can interpret how it is met to meet the needs of the client and the lifestyle they want to create with in that space. With out you filing in those important details of what that picture is the designer can do anything and not be wrong, it just won’t be what you want it to be.
When you take the time to meet with a designer, don’t be afraid to let them get to know you and your family. Let them know:
• how busy you are
• how much time you spend at home
• if you have ever had a garden and how that went, if it died or if it thrived, if you liked it or not
• what sports you or the kids play
• your goals for family time
• your entertaining habits
• your decorating tastes on the interior
• how you like to vacation
With all of these thoughts and more the designer can get a good idea of how this landscape needs to not only fit your yard but fit into your life.

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