“The rain falls mainly on the plain” is great old saying and I take it to mean that it intended to  fall on the plain, but as I watched it rain I saw the sidewalks puddle, the alleys have streams come flowing out, and gutters fill. Is this what should be happening with our rain water, are we supposed to cart it off our property to a sewer that feeds a man made holding area because that is what is convenient for us? I know that there is a lot of work that goes into “managing” water, but I question how much of it really needs managing, but really needs more of allowing Mother Nature to do her thing.

Think of this: The more water we let fall off our roof tops and flow down our downspouts to pipes that drain onto driveways then along curbs and into sewers had very little chance to do anything but pick up pollutants and then mass deposit them in an algae filled hole somewhere, is this managment or collection . But that same water that is collected straight from the roof/downspout can be used to water plants (and is better than hose water!) or put into drain tile it can be filtered through the soil further out under the yard (out of sight!) or into a rain garden that can hold larger amounts with plants to help filter the deposits brought in? What if your huge driveway was permeable so there was very little water that ran into the sewer because it was able to permeate down between and filter into the ground? Doesnt that feel more managed by letting Mother Nature filter it before it comes back around to us?

How would these choices make you feel every time it rained? Would it make you feel like you were part of letting someone deal with the mess (down stream they are!) or part of the solution to be responsible for your self and the earth? Please comment back on our facebook www.facebook.com/triolandscape or twitter page @triolandscape and let us know!