I know, over the weekend we just got inches upon inches of rain to the point there were flash floods, and today it was sticky, hot and humid…so it doesn’t seem like you would need to water your landscape. Not always true!
Sure if you have an established shaded landscape it could be fine for a few days, but the new plants of an exposed landscape are in great need of water in this heat! Sun can stress out a new plant in a matter of hours, baking out the soils moisture quickly. To consider that its root system is only a few inches deep that can mean a real problem for the plants if the top dries out. And for those in sandy soil it’s even more important as sand does not retain as much moisture as loamy or clay soils.

So please water deep and slow to teach your plants to grow a healthy, deep root system that will help it in times like these. The moister that we got is still there, just not right at the surface like it was 2 days ago.

Another tip would be to not water the plants overhead by sprinkler, especially mid day when small droplets can be big magnifying glass and burn the leaves. it is really the roots that need the water anyway, so don’t stress it our more by giving it a burn with water on the leaves.

If you are in doubt if you need to water just poke your finger in the soil at least an inch (beyond the mulch or rock please) and see if things are still moist enough or in need of water, if its wet your good to wait- but if its just moist enough to question go ahead and water as there is still more heat to the day…

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