an evergreen assortment…not a bunch of pines

As people are decorating their homes for Christmas with boughs of greenery, lights and ribbon both inside and out, but do they even know what it is they are using?  I know this is just one of my designer and horticulturist background quirks speaking, but when you are working with evergreens there is a big difference between pine, spruce and fir  ( just name some of the big players ).

So when your neighbor goes to get a pine tree for Christmas do they really get a pine because they like the long graceful needles or a fir tree which is more typical and has longer needle retention as well as more aromatic (especially if you Have a Frasier Fir). Or maybe they are just talking in old language of Norway, Sweden or Germany where the term Fir included Pine. I love tradition, but no need to keep the  day to day conversations there.

And what about the great pots of evergreens adorning your entry? Did you get a few different kinds of pine or a nice variety of spruce tips, red pine, and gold tip cedar with red twigged dogwood to accent?

So please remember that if you are reminded of the proper name of your evergreens we in the plant and landscape industry are just being helpful! And if you’d rather not worry about it just keep it simple and call them evergreens…