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Why buy bouquets that just last a couple days when you can give a gift of Flower Carpet® Roses that will last for years? In an array of colors, these gems are easy care and ever-blooming.

This just in from across the pond: When women view men in a room filled with pots of flowers, they are more attracted to the men! Yes, according to a study from the University of South Brittany , blooming plants actually help romance, uh… blossom. So gentlemen… take note and surround yourselves with flowering plants! Some of the top flowers for romance are: Roses, Daisies, Gardenia, Peonies and Iris. This Valentine’s Day, instead of cut flowers, consider a plant or two for your loved one. Women do love Roses – especially when they are easy to grow and covered with blooms, like Flower Carpet® Roses . They come in a range of colors, are prolific bloomers. Pink Supreme has hot pink blooms that seem to last forever. It’s no wonder Gardenias are deemed romantic, with their intoxicating fragrance. The aptly named First Love® has four to five inch blooms, larger than other Gardenias and is the first to bloom in spring.


he loves me…he loves me not

Daisies convey innocence and young love. They conjure up images of a field of white and yellow blossoms, blowing in the breeze. But Daisies come in a range of colors, like the Farmington Michaelmas with double lilac-colored flowers, and Cherry Brandy Gloriosa, with cherry-red petals surrounding a chocolate center. Mammoth™ Dark Pink has vibrant lavender pink petals and bright gold centers. Rominette Mix combines red, rose and white cushion-like double flowers.



a budding romance

It’s easy to understand why Peonies are on the romantic flower list. Dainty-but-large blossoms cover the plant and look fantastic in a vase. Lady Orchid has fragrant double blooms in soft pink. Bowl of Beauty has a lemon yellow center, surrounded by pretty pink petals. Referred to as an Anemone type flower, Do Tell offers large single blossoms with light pink petals surrounding a deep rose and yellow fringed center.




perennial love

Purple is a color of royalty and nobility, so consider growing some purple Iris as a symbol of faith, and a reminder that nobility of the heart is the greatest aspiration. Our new Chilled Wine sounds like it’s made for this holiday, sporting red-violet flowers with a bold splash of cobalt blue. The rich violet ruffled flowers of Gypsy Romance will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Ruffled Velvet has the most irresistible, deep purple flowers and they are breathtaking when planted in mass.



a kiss of pink

Weigela are easy care shrubs that are very cold hardy and they flower profusely with blooms of pink, lavender or red. Interesting, many of the Weigela varieties have names that fit with the holiday, like Wine & Roses® Weigela, with its rosy-pink flowers and wine-colored foliage; Magical® Fantasy has soft pink flowers and light green foliage trimmed in creamy white; the stunning foliage of French Lace™ goes from lime green tinged in the summer to orange and red in the fall. Midnight Wine® and Fine Wine® sound like they’re made for your Valentine.



champagne and chocolate

A delicious combination…perhaps in the garden, too, with a Pink Champagne Clematis and its festive deep pink flowers…or Champagne Bubbles Iceland Poppies, a mix of fragrant orange, red, white and yellow blooms that bubble up along sunny walkways. Cheery yellow Chocolate Flowers bloom at night, so you’ll wake up to a chocolate fragrance in your garden. Chocolate Mint combines the fragrance of those two favorites. Use for cooking, in a cut flower arrangement or just a fragrant, colorful border.



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