What beautiful weather over the week end, I am hoping you had been able to get out and enjoy it! SO many things made this weekend of beautiful weather especially great for me…

I had was at the South Minneapolis Housing Fair Saturday, and one might not think that being inside at a housing fair is great, and mind I did long to be outside, but I was able to meet some great people there, and that is awesome!  It felt really great even as I entered the fair in the morning wearing short sleeved shirt and carry a tray of blooms that didn’t need to be covered!  I also was given the pleasure of speaking and presented a seminar on “am I ready to D-I-Y my Landscape” to a room full of people!  Just because one of Trio’s services is design-build doesn’t mean that we are trying to keep all the fun to ourselves.  I truly believe that I can inspire great landscapes by informing people of what it takes to get there, its then up to you to decide how much you can handle.

After the event I came home to relax, and drug out all the chairs for the patio.  The only bummer is that my pond has been shut down for the winter and I need to be patient for the skimmer box to thaw, as that is where the pump goes to get it up and running! I was noticing there are a few more trimming projects that need to get done this week and that the magnolia’s buds are plumping up to bloom in a few weeks.

Sunday is normally a day of off, well no client meetings that is, but with today was an exception and I am okay with that.  Being outside on a nice day talking about landscaping really is a great day for me…to then come home and go for a bicycle ride with the family and enjoy the first dinner out on the patio was  just what I needed to be ready for a busy week ahead!

Are you passionate about the weather and you landscape? I am!