This spring we were really warm, then cold, then hot, then frozen, and then warm again…what are plants to think?

Miss Kim Lilac- one of the later blooming lilacs

Well in all honesty the plants are going to do just like people do, they will wake up early this spring if they are an “early riser” and eager to grow, and take the opportunity to bud out and enjoy the warm weather. However there are those (plants or people) that are not up and budding yet- it’s as if they hit the snooze button and are waiting for spring to really be here before they get going. The extra time they are taking is not because they are dead, but really because they have been waiting on what was a better time for them to get started.

So as you enjoy walks around the neighborhood enjoy whats blooming this week, and enjoy the same plant in another yard next week, as it is bound to happen that even same varieties will be on slightly different schedules. Most of all please don’t call a T.O.D. on any plants just yet, some plants will need more time. By June we should know more of what spring didn’t hatch.