make a connection before making the plans!

This time of year we get a lot of calls for lots of different things and we love to educate people on what we do best to help them make a good fit. So here are some tips on what you could ask to make a great match with your landscape designer or company:

Landscape Design/ Build

  • Looking to make changes in your landscape-patios, walls, water features
  • Looking to have work done for you
  • Interested in help with ideas to change the space and make it more: functional, interesting, special, or personal
  • Looking to add new areas of plantings

Design only work

  • Looking to make changes to do it yourself (DIY)
  • Looking to plan ahead for a large project

Small Landscape work

  • Looking to just add a few things to expand your landscape
  • Looking to freshen up a landscape

things that a landscape company, such as ours, is not a good fit (however, there are other Landscape companies that may offer this service):
Lawn care-

  • resodding or regrading ( with out other landscape changes)
  • lawn mowing

But most importantly understand what budget that your are looking to work with in. Every landscape can have infinite possibilities that are dependent on the space and the ones looking to influence it.  Finding the right designer also means finding the one that is comfortable working in your budget range, that is if your budget is in alignment with what your expectations are.

To find out more call us for a free phone consultation to see if Trio Landscaping is right for you!