This past weekend was memorial weekend, where may homeowners take on weekend projects they want to accomplish them selves. They head off to the store with a simple list of materials so they can shop once and be done. But even with their best intentions they come across things they didn’t plan on, or have things turn out in a way they didn’t plan for. This is typical of any project, but seems to happen in a greater intensity over holiday weekends where there are many do-it-yourself projects that happen.

our weekend DIY family project

I have to admit I was one of those people this past weekend. I wanted so bad to build my boys a play set, and not just any play set, but one that would fit nicely into our yard so not a kit build. I am a designer, I can do this! So after discussing the design with the rest of the family we had a plan, in our heads that is. We set out to the store and started buying the things we would need, checked in against what tools we had and started off on a very wet Saturday to begin. Yes we started in the light rain of the afternoon as we knew I would have limited time to work on this project with the stack of work also calling to me.

So as we begin we realize that our materials list was lacking a few pieces of lumber, then we had also made a few bad cuts so a few more were needed anyway, so off to the store again. We resumed our project another day with new lumber in hand and a better sketch (on paper!) we were ready to go. And with the boys help we made a few more errors and had fun. However not too much fun as we had to keep the boys from playing on the play set during construction….after all it was taking us FOREVER! (both they and my husband and I agree). And by the end of day 2 we had something they could climb and slide on. This was progress!!! Now it will still take another day I am guessing to finish a few other parts and to add some details to the structure, but it will be done (just not today).

So my lesson I learned: just because I can design things for others I shouldn’t take any short cuts in doing the same for myself. While I am a highly talented designer I may lack the fineness that the crews we work with posses for getting things done in a smooth fashion in the hands on build portion. If this applies to me it will very likely apply to many of you too!