Its State Fair time, the great time of year when summer is coming to a close and school will start again!  In addtion to a bunch of  lifestyle changes it also is a time of seasonal change in the landscape.  Here are 3 things you should be doing now in your landscape:

  • Lightly trim ( for tidiness) any summer blooming shrubs that you had avoided trimming during the heat of this summer- don’t wait too long though, do this before the Fair ends. No it has nothing to do with your spouse bribing you with a Pronto pup to finish your chores ( although they might) but your shrubs will need time to prepare for winter by hardening off.  If you need to do heavy trimming to catch up and shape your shrubs your better of waiting until winter to trim them back more than a “light haircut”.
  • Over seed your lawn and help make it stronger and greener for next year. The cooler evening temps really are great for grass seed germination. bonus if you pull any big weeds and  can remove the crabgrass that is starting to die off ( it looks kinda purplish already doesn’t it?) this will help fill in with good grass now, another way to make a stronger lawn for next year!
  • Keep Watering, sure the cooler weather can make you think the plants don’t need as much water , but the truth is we are still lacking sufficient rain for new and established plants, so do them a favor give them a “big Gulp” of water too!

Now that you have tackled a few things in the landscape go to the fair, enjoy the sights, sounds and food.  Don’t forget to stop and say hi to us while you’re there- we can found hanging out in the landscape of the MNLA /Garden Minnesota gazebo, just outside of the Horticulture Building and Food building !