A few pretty fluffy flakes on our rose

It’s the middle of November, I have to keep reminding myself of that, it is not too early for it to snow, and yet I tend to believe it is. This spring, summer and now even the fall have gone by so fast and I am not ready for winter to arrive! There is so much we have gotten done, but yet there is so much to do- yes we still have projects that are in process of being installed and yet another “on deck” to go in.

Today as the big flakes fall though I am finding myself taking a quiet moment to enjoy it. As much as the cold temps and snow doesn’t make today any easier to work, I can appreciate the beauty in the event. To see the white flakes sit on the branches of my own landscape still with rose buds and fall color. The graceful grasses catching a few flakes among their feathery seed heads. The robust Rudebeckia having the snow lay upon their still green leaves. I am happy I was able to to stop and just enjoy a moment in the day, and of course be happy that it will melt and we will back to warmer days later this week so our crazy busy schedule can resume and let us finish up the season.

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