Happy Earth day! oh you didn’t know, we take one day a year and focus on the earth…what you ask happens the other 364 days a year? Well here at Trio we… focus on the Earth.   Broad concept we know, but really what we do takes more than a day for how we choose to impact peoples lives.

Now there are a few ways you can interpret what Earth day means:

  • a day to focus on ways to make the earth better
  • a day to focus on what we do affects the Earth
  • a day to plan for how we can improve our impact on the Earth

so again I state that we do not see this is an one day event, but and every day event, to do this we:

  • make the earth better by beautifying spaces and encourage people to get outdoors
  • educate on choices that can impact the soils, plants and people that use them
  • constantly look for new or improved ways to make the earth better, one landscape at a time with design and material selection

This may seem like some small and basic things that can be done, but don’t underestimate the impact that each one of us have on the earth as a whole.  By each of us making even just one choice of doing something better for the Earth we can all benefit as the greater whole.

How can you help? here are a few landscape practices that could be applied for a better Earth: ( we are landscapers after all)

  • raingarden or storm water management systems
  • veggie gardens
  • flower gardens
  • less lawn
  • recycle construction materials
  • compost
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