So I almost titled this “beautiful weekend for yard work” but then realized it might not quite grab your attention if I talked about the work right away…but I will anyway.

This weekend we are still awaiting rain, we have drought with out a doubt, meaning our landscape needs even more attention right now. Here are 5 things to be doing this weekend:

  • Water your lawn . even if you have let your lawn go dormant in the heat you will want to consider watering it to prevent it from completely dying.
  • Water your plants- all of them: new, old, leafy, evergreen, tree, shrub, perennial, annual… you name it water it!
  • If you have been watering you can consider fertilizing the lawn ( if you have a dormant or dead lawn do not fertilize as the grass is not ready for it)
  • Pull weeds- don’t let them hang out and go to seed to make more next year- remove them from your lawns, landscapes and gardens.
  • DO NOT trim shrubs right now, not only the drought has stressed out your plants but late summer trimming is stressful on the plants. Please wait until summer blooming shrubs are well into their dormancy if you have trimming to do,  or for your early blooming plants ( ie Rhododendron, Forsthyia, Lilacs) wait until after they bloom next spring as the flower buds are now set.

Also take the time to start evaluating the landscape and see what other changes you would like to make, there is still some time this year- or plan ahead for next year.

Contact us for a consultation in October and November for winter plans.

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