I recently read an article on crabgrass, once thought to take up space in opportunistic lawns and then crowd out the desired lawn turf.  If you have heard about crabgrass then you heard it will continue to spread and take over-  but why is that such a bad thing? For those that are into ‘natural’ lawns and uber low maintenance many of those people have crabgrass and could just see it as a another green soil cover.  However, crabgrass is more than just green stuff and does more than crowd out the surrounding lawn turf:  it produces toxins to kill off the plants around it. The plants that is is killing off is most likely noticed as being your lawn, but it can affect other plants such as annuals,  perennials and edible gardens too-  So if you are having trouble with weeds and plant survival look into who”s hanging out nearby and pull those weeds!

PS- Crabgrass is an annual plant, and it is setting seed now. By pulling/removing the plant now you can prevent crabgrass being there next year. Each plant dies off with frost, but it is the seeds that sit in wait for the next season. If it has taken over your lawn consider bagging your clippings so there are less seeds left behind ( you cant get them all, but you can do crabgrass preventer in the late spring/early summer next year too) .

Here is a link to more information on crabgrass in your lawn and tips on how to prevent it.

Just remember- I am not a lawn care provider-  however, it seems that the lawn is the biggest focus with in most landscapes. If I can help my clients have better maintenance understanding in their lawn and landscape,  the better the whole yard looks!