Why Hello spring, so glad you are back! Todays warm day of 54, as my car told me as I was leaving a job site that was much wetter than when I arrived, has our phone ringing! We are letting you know that yes we are out and taking measurements along with our consultations so we are ready to go as soon as the crews can begin.

Here are top 3 projects that benefit from getting started on planning now:

  • Phase 2 (or more if we have been working together awhile) – we already have seen the yard so snow wont change much
  • Yard makeovers- if there isn’t much to keep then we don’t have much to worry about if some of its hiding under the snow
  • New construction- the sooner we start planning the better off your project can be.

If you are looking to meet with us and have something other than these type of projects in mind, just consider will we need to see the existing plants/edging/grade to determine new ideas? Are you looking for specific ideas for us to share with you and you cant see past the snow?

Contact us now as our calendar is filling!  We look forward to planning with you!