There are so many names for the paper that holds all the information of how your landscape design comes together. Plans, the over all word that covers all the things that will make up your landscape, including plantings, planting beds, patios, decks, water features and all the other details.

The term “Drawings” is what we call the lines that determine what your landscape has in it. this could be hand drawings, computer drawings and even dimensional drawings.

Blueprints are a style of hand drawings, created to scale with the use of straight edges, triangles, and other templates and then copied with a solution that creates a blue paper with light colored lines…this was the standard of designers for decades.

Currently CAD has been the most current style for the plans that we share with our clients. CAD is Computer Aided Design, as in the lines are drawn with the computer to make up the plans. These plans are not created by the computer however ( as of yet ) but with the designer directing the mouse on where to place the lines, just as the drawings were not drawn by the pencil, but with it. From these CAD plans the opportunity to have 3d imaging or rendering done is an option- this is something we are looking to learn and provide for the clients wishing to see 3d plans in the near future.

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