Back yard spaces are fun to hang out in, you own little oasis. But sometimes the space isn’t as private as you might like, so how can you fix that? Many people think a fence, a border all the way around that is 6′ tall… and many times that can be a good answer, but not always. Maybe you dont want to have a border all the way around, maybe 6′ isn’t enough, and maybe you just want something different.

For our clients we make suggestions based on what they are looking to have become a part of their home- as in the feeling and the decor of the space, as well as the function.

privacy for a urban back yard

Here are two spaces with different needs, but trees were the best solution for both needs: A patio for dining with close neighbors needs small upright trees to diffuse the view from neighbors in the yard or upstairs. Another larger yard has a view of houses that is undesirable, so trees are growing in to help diffuse this view and blend with the surrounding nature.

screening for a larger yard