This rain chain collects a small roof area

Collecting Rainwater is something we are seeing more people interested in, however they don’t always understand how much water is being produced. This 6×6 area of roof collected over 18 gallons from yesterdays 2″ rain! Now imagine a larger section of roof vs a 40-55 gal barrel- it can fill very quickly, then where does the rest of the water go? How do you use it? This is just one of the things to consider when collecting rain water. Another consideration is the method- This rain chain makes collecting water easier by being flexible with containers and here is closer to where it can be accessed (versus previous downspout location). It also can be much more decorative or artistic than a downspout making it more appealing in highly viable areas. Rain chains can also connect to drain-tile and run to a rain garden just as downspouts can. Not all rain chains are created equal, we have found that these large cups are much better at moving water than the link of leaves on the other side.