Fellow designers enjoying a garden

Gardens and landscapes are great reasons to give us a chance to reflect, to pause, to introspect or to just take a breath. This morning I had to stop as I heard the passing of a design friend. I immediately felt the need to find the pictures of him, his work and a moment that was forever etched in me. As I browsed through my APLD landscape design conference pictures that we were on together in particular: ones of large landscapes, small gardens, interesting details, unique combinations, various materials… all the things you would want your designer to notice and to store away to bring back to some future design I knew I had him in there- to find them I had to stop and look at them, to relive some of the trip, to recall the connections not just with him but the others as well. So while I am deeply saddened at Tom’s passing I am grateful not only for the time I had to spend with him, but the time he has given me since to stop and enjoy landscapes and gardens- even this morning as I look for the ones with him in it ( funny as I try to get just the gardens and usually avoid pics of the others snapping pics) but have the chance to review so many ideas. Something about the experience of connecting on a garden tour, to be connected not just through the day to day stuff of business like many of my connections in the industry, but to have a garden connection of sharing made this some thing I needed to share beyond as well. I wish everyone to have a connection like that, a place that lets that connection grow and bloom.