Its spring and everyone is excited to get their landscape installed… like NOW. I just want to remind you that even though the snow is gone it does take a bit before landscaping should be started. Here are a few things we consider as we schedule our installations:

  1. Is your plan complete and materials available? Plants are not ready yet, and some hardscape materials are still in production- so do we have what is needed to install your project? Please note that plantings are not available until usually May
  2. Ground conditions: is the frost out? The ground needs to be frost free to properly compact and prep for quality installations of the landscape such as patios and retaining walls
  3. IS their good access- many times we are needing to cut across soft lawns or other parts of the landscape- we don’t want to do more damage just to be a week or so earlier…

Once we know that we are all able to get into your project then we can confirm your place in the schedule, as there are a few other projects and mostly mother nature really sets the schedule- as the weather is a daily thing for us to schedule with and around.   Call us about your projects now, as waiting will not help it happen any faster!

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