More than ever have we enjoyed our front patio, a space out our front door where we only would hang out if the sunshine was not enough in the back yard, or we needed a quiet place to be than where the kids were at.  This month it gets even a greater purpose, however, a place to connect!

In a time where we are staying away from being close to our friends and neighbors the front porch becomes a place where we get to be out and be seen to connect with our neighbors, we can relax but still wave at all those that are out taking a much-needed walk, and hopefully get to see some cute dogs- and especially our friends. While passersby can stop on the sidewalk, and we are on the bench we have out front we can enjoy a bit of connection to chat with others while maintaining all social distancing. Sometimes the conversations last for a while, other times it’s just quick wave. Either way, we are feeling social and connected in a way Facebook and Instagram just do not give us. the personal, the real in-person stuff.

We are all doing things to cope with being at home, and those of us that are lucky to have outdoor living spaces have the most opportunity to get a change of view, and especially for those of use with a space to be and see the neighbors. It’s been trending up for a while now, these front porch/ patio spaces, but I have a feeling we will be helping many more clients create a great place to be out front so they can connect- or just have another place to escape the kids.

Enjoying out front porch in the afternoon.

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